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*More References Upon Request

We value each and every student and client! We are here to help Teach, Heal and Guide! Here are some personal experiences from them! More references available upon request!


Thank you, The Sentient Spirit for the miraculous healing of our Bichon Frisé Stormy, who stopped drinking any fluids for two months and eating for the last two days. Stormy was under the care of a Canine Internist, receiving fluids and medication for his inflamed digestive track. We became desperate when Stormy stopped eating, which is when we reached out to Sharon of The Sentient Spirit for a remote one hour Healing Session. We learned a lot about how Stormy was feeling and was surprised to learn his favorite food was chicken which he had been refusing for weeks. Immediately after the Healing Session, we picked up a fresh barbecued, rotisserie chicken. Stormy proceeded to eat without hesitation, then turned around, looked at us both walked over to his water bowl and drank. He hasn’t stopped drinking or eating since. What a blessings!

Thank you Sharon.

We are truly grateful for Stormy’s Healing! David and Francine

Kelly Traylor

"Sharon is Phenomenal!! I started out with Chakra Clearing & Attunements  in 2009 and continued through all Reiki Levels to become a Reiki Master Teacher. With her help, I discovered I was an Indigo, had natural Psychic Gifts and Healing abilities. I learned how to choose & connect with crystals, use pendulums, and work with candles. Sharon helped me find my Spirit Guide & speak to Angels. I can not recommend her enough! Oh and she taught me how to use RUNES!"

Kelly Traylor

Horse Reading

"I was referred to Sharon Somerville through a mutual friend at a horse clinic. I was skeptical because she was abroad & I didn't know this could work with her living so far away, but made phone appointment & coordinated a time to speak.
I had a new mare, Pretzel, in the barn and she was struggling settling & keeping on weight. I asked for the Healings & Readings. Sharon was able to tell me her issues were related to the florescent light that was flickering & making noise at night plus something about a collapsing ceiling in front of the barn. She said Pretzel was pacing & the nervous energy was causing the weight issue. 
I did have a florescent light fixture in the barn near her stall but had to contact the previous owner about the ceiling thing. Turns out that there was incident in the barn regarding the collapse. It wasn't exactly the ceiling but a worker was hanging something up there and it fell and made a huge ruckus!! So I asked if Pretzel wanted night turn out..which she said I was speaking directly to her! I accommodated her with this and haven't had a problem since, plus her weight stabilized! Amazing experience! It's almost unbelievable how much detail
came through and how Sharon was able to help me! 
So I had her help with my gelding who didn't like to trailer and my 2 dogs! I can't describe how these Readings changed my pets' lives!! THANK YOU!"

Kelly Robbins

Andrea Reading

"Never experienced a reading before in my life until I met Sharon. She did my reading and was able to connect me with family members and friends I never thought I’d speak to again. The personal family pain I suffered is not something Sharon would have known because I just moved to this state and never met her before. Through her I was able to get a long long over due apology from my grandmother for the way she disowned me. Also during healings, she was able to connect with my boyfriend's emotional and physical pain to help me understand him. I will continue to receive readings from Sharon and cannot wait to see what guidance she can provide for my future path. Highly recommend."

Drea Kay

 Kate Ashton Teachings, Healings & Readings
Horse Reading
Deb Duca Reading of Passed Daughter
Talissa Vo Energy Healing & Reading
Energy Healing &  Reading
Frances Reading
Gerbil Reading
Melissa's Many cat Reading & Healing

Sharon has been my spiritual teacher for the many years she lived here in England. She taught me all  Reiki Levels to Master Teacher IV. She introduced crystals and the science behind them so I could put them into my own practice and for my own healing.
Sharon has a wealth of knowledge on metaphysical properties and always the first person I go to for a deeper understanding. 
Her teaching style is super fun, friendly & approachable! I am so glad that I was fortunate enough to have her as my spiritual teacher & mentor for all these years. Sharon always makes herself available for any questions even still today though she moved back to The States."

Kate Ashton

"Sharon has helped me tremendously with my horses on my farm. Through her work, she has uncovered ailments vets overlooked, enlightened me on my horses' personalities and preferences and root causes of some behavior issues. This is the bridge I was searching for in order to better understand their physical and emotional needs. I feel closer to my animals and the energy in the barn is very peaceful. Much gratitude! This is exactly what our horse community needed!" 
Thank you,

Kerrie Pennington

Pepper Creek Farm

"My Daughter recently passed and I’ve been so distraught! I wanted a reading but was nervous! ..I am so thankful now that I did!!!  There was so much information that was spot on it was crazy! I know I connected with my daughter and I know it was the real deal because if you know your kids you know some of the things they’ll say and how they would say it!. She passed in a very violent manner that has been very hard to cope with or understand .. but during my reading Sharon knew how to help me process.  There were so many confirmations and validations that I was speaking with my daughter including feathers, names & a ring. After the reading I removed the ring and had a very heavy lifting on me go away and this lasted well into the next morning. I feel like I finally have some sort of perspective of how to move on and closure in the sense of being not completely lost anymore.  I can’t begin to explain how powerful this reading was Thank You Sharon! Much Love and Light"

Deborah Duca

"Sharon is amazing! She connected with my 7yr old son during the Reiki Attunements & Chakra Clearing and was able to be a strong voice for him. She was spot on about his sensitivity and how overwhelmed he gets. He struggles to articulate his needs and Sharon was able to express what he was struggling with. She showed me how to help him with energy in the home, external environment and within himself. 

Sharon also helped me develop & get in tune with my natural intuition so I may better help him with his needs. I learned about crystals, chakras and clearing energy in the house. She pointed me in the right direction for further assistance for my son. 

He loved the healing and reading and she even gave him a poem to help him ground and protect himself at night as well as getting in touch with his angels. We really appreciate everything you have done for our family! Thank you! "

UPDATE: "Since this my other two children received the same healings and Sharon was able to connect to them as well. Her insight and gifts are truly amazing!" 

Talissa Vo

"I have recently moved from NJ to NC and was looking for a local RMT  so that I could move up from Reiki Master to the Master Teacher Level to learn how to pass attunements.  I was referred to Sharon and I started working with her right away.  
Sharon has an infectious energy - she is positive, friendly and is the kind of teacher who simplifies her craft, applying a common sense approach, which is easy to absorb and apply.
I spent several years & tons of money trying to learn Reiki but it wasn't until I met Sharon that I finally understood how to apply it. I no longer had confusion or fear of the complexity of Energy Healing or of what I was doing. She made me comfortable & it is so simple now!
Sharon is also well versed with crystals which I needed further guidance with.  I have been using crystals for years but never really understood how to implement them the right way. Now I get it! 
I recommend Sharon and her teaching style, you won't regret it!  (An added bonus:  she is also a gifted channeler/medium)"


"I received the Chakra Clearing that came with a Reading and then a Spiritual Channelling Reading the next day. I had a very deep, very emotional experience. I went into it not knowing what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at how much information I left the meeting with. There were many validations and messages from loved ones (and not so loved ones that came through to apologize) which I hold true to my heart.  Sharon gave me the tools to help me deal with things I am personally working on. I recommend the Healings and especially trying a Reading!! Thank you!"

Frances Miyoko Bates

"I am so happy we contacted Sharon about Cookie! My daughter has a better understanding of his needs now. We had a call via WhatsApp on speaker. It was interesting to listen to my daughter ask him direct questions but even more intriguing when Sharon was explaining his physical symptoms, likes, dislikes and personality.  It truly was like she was speaking to Cookie!! Can't thank you enough for this reading. We have changed his environment as per Cookie's request, stopped giving him plastic chews, keep every paper towel & toilet roll to give him to chew on and made his burrowing space much deeper! Since then, he has stopped nipping & biting my daughter.  We also limited his ball time so he isn't so exhausted! He is so much happier now!!!  The whole family thanks you!"

C. R. P.

"In 2020, I lost a beloved feline member of my family.  I had been struggling with the grief of losing Willow and the thought that maybe there was something more that could have been done for him.  Sharon was able to help me reach out to Willow and confirm that he was ready to go and the meds were no longer assisting him.  In this session, she also connected with another of my kitties that validated for me that they are happy and still streak through my house from time to time.  Also, that Willow is still that pressure against my foot at the end of my bed in the middle of the night.  Long-awaited healing came to me through this reading, and I'm so appreciative of what Sharon has done for me.  I was finally able to remove Willow's blankets from his favorite napping spot and make room for a new little friend.  I still miss him but he is in my heart forever.

During the same session, others came through and gave messages that were also like salve to my soul.  I'd recommend Sharon for a Reading if you want to try and get answers or connect with a loved one.  There were many things that she couldn't have known like expressions, silly quirks and favorite actions for each of my kitties!! She gave me details that were dead on, so I KNOW for a fact I was connecting to my babies!

 I also get Reiki treatments and I am on her Healing List. I'm a sufferer of MS and she has helped me feel better when I needed to focus on different painful areas on my body (eyes, my hip, foot numbness).  It's not a cure but a much needed and welcomed relief. My Chakras are always in balance and she showed me even how to test this! Thank you!!"

Melissa C. Wratscko

Astrology Map

"Sharon has an incredible skill, her ability to work with Spirit and connect with Energy is always very helpful and healing.  It turns out, I had unwanted spirits in m home. Sharon was able to connect with the spirits and peacefully pass the spirits to the other side. The energy in my home was much better after. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."

Emma M.

If you would like to share your experience, CONTACT US and leave it there. We will copy and paste it so others can read your story!! 
If you would like to request references or speak to someone about their experience CONTACT US and we will be in touch!

+1 (704) 769-9876               

*The Sentient Spirit NEVER SOLICITS Readings or Healings!

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