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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Sentient Spirit?  

Sentient Spirit means a Finely Tuned Sensitive Being in Perception, Knowledge & Feelings! Like Empaths, they possess Consciousness & have the power to Feel & Perceive through Emotions. They both Feel Deeply but a Sentient Spirit has a Greater, Impactful Understanding to the Emotions and Energy that is being received through all Senses (Claires).

Such Grand Understanding and Empathy is a form of Communication between the Energy of souls. This type of Communicator may be called a Spirit Channeler  (similar to Psychic Medium) who has the ability to communicate with Passed Loved Ones, Spirits, Star seeds, Ghosts & Animals.

A Finely Tuned Sentient Spirit possesses all means of Communication via: Emotions/FEELINGS, called (Clairsentience), Visions/SEEING (Clairvoyance), Sounds/HEARS (Clairaudience), Taste (Clairgustance) and Smell (Clairolfaction/Clairalience).

What is Energy Healing? Quantum Healing? Reiki? Light Language? Light Language Codes?

Energy Healing is the practice of moving, manipulating and transferring energy to work for one in a more positive, beneficial and healing manner. 

Reiki is a specific practice of Energy Healing.

Quantum Healing is Energy Healing that crosses over through all incarnations, timelines, dimensions & lifetimes: past, present & future. 

Light Language is the Universal language that your soul speaks. All souls know & speak this language, it can be expressed through speaking, signing, dancing, singing, art, reading & writing. It is unrecognizable to the human ear but understood by ALL souls. It is also known as speaking in tongues! My light language comes through me via speaking, signing & dancing.

Light Language Codes are very specific energy healing that are received through light language. It is healing from Soul to Soul.

What are the benefits of Energy Healing or Chakra Clearing?

Having one's Chakra's cleared helps restore mental and physical balance. Restored balance aids with pain management, release trapped emotions, heal trauma and physical ailments. When Chakras are shut down, sluggish or spinning the incorrect way, they can cause negative physical and emotional issues. Please refer to the Chakra chart on this website to review Chakras and their imbalances.

Is there a such thing as Negative energy?

Yes, of course!  Energy can either be positive or negative, but HEALING energy is ONLY POSITIVE. 
We all feel both energies all the time! Ever walk into a room and know that someone is in a bad mood before seeing their expression? That's negative energy being emitted from that individual. Same goes for walking into a room filled with people having a party! You can actually feel the excitement!

What are Chakras?

Chakras are the energy centers in a living thing. People, plants & animals all have Chakras, even the Earth!

Does Energy Healing conflict with my Religious belief system?

No. Energy Healing is not affiliated with a religion nor does it conflict with one's faith. It works on your well-being, spiritual self which is made of pure energy. It is always one's choice to receive healing. 

What if I am unsure if I believe in Energy Healing? Will it still work?

You do not have to "believe" in energy work but it does help to be "open" to receiving the healing. Some people can block the healing for many different reasons such as self worth, trauma or fear. This is worked on individually on a person to person basis.

Why would you continue to help to clear & heal people & animals Chakras for free if you could charge for them?

People & all animals deserve healing and I CAN!!! By working with my Higher Self, I am able to clear & send Healing Energy as often as I wish to those whom have given me permission or those higher selves that will distribute the Healing. I am not a miracle worker, some people chose to experience the life they are living but I believe it's worth a try to at least send it out there.

What if I want my loved one to receive Healing but they have expressed uncertainty or unwillingness to receive treatment?

This will be thoroughly discussed and determined in an ethical manner case by case.

How do Mediums/ Channelers contact Spirits, Ghosts or those who have crossed over?

We are or have learned how to open ourselves alike a vessel to receive/tap into an energy of a certain person, spirit, ghost or pet. We are all made up of energy and a gifted or trained individual has the ability to hone in on a specific individual.  During the connection, we may see, hear, feel or just have a knowing of information. This information may come directly from the individual or answers may come from another source like a guide. Spirit Channelers are receivers of information. We are not all knowing nor do we claim to be 100% accurate. We are interpreters of the information that is being received, therefore human error is a possibility.

What is an Empath?

An Empath is one who is very Empathetic towards others' feelings, emotions, energy and situations. They may actually FEEL and SENSE others' energy so intensely that it feels like it is their own. It may take a very long time (years) to understand that these feelings are NOT their own but someone standing next to them, a close friend, family member of even just energy that was left in the room (imprint).  Many times it is the combination of several people's energy that are in 5ft-100ft radius!!! 

How do you know that Jesus and Mary are working & speaking to you and it's not someone else?

A Medium, Channeler or Professional Energy Worker will have put in place a guide to assist with their work. My uncle whom I refer to as my Dad, is my personal guide. Before he died, we had an agreement to be in contact with one another. He has been crossed over for many years now. I hear him, feel him, he speaks through me and I trust him whole heartily to tell me the truth & only allow spirits of pure hearts to channel through me. He would never put me in harms way and this goes for ArchAngel Michael as well. 

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*The Sentient Spirit NEVER SOLICITS Readings or Healings!

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