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Ground and Protect Exercise

Ground & Protect

What is Grounding?

Grounding is a very important means of releasing extra energy into Mother Earth to be replaced, transmuted or simply just taken away. 

Why do you Ground?

Like electricity in houses, people and animals can carry too much current and need to be attached to Earth for safety. People, especially Empaths & Energy workers pick up other's emotions, feelings & energy. No one wants to carry around energy that does not belong to them, especially if it is NEGATIVE! Let's GET RID OF THAT!!

How do you Ground?

There are many simple exercises to help people Ground : mediation, walking barefoot on the ground, digging in the dirt, playing in the sand. or simply visually connecting to Mother Earth like on this printable exercise attached to this page. Animals, such as your dog and cat naturally ground all day when they go outside. In fact, they help us ground by sitting by our feet or lap and taking our extra energy outside with them! This is why we feel so relaxed after touching them...they literally transfer our unwanted energy to themselves and release it for us!

What are Grounding Benefits?

Grounding is beneficial for reducing inflammation, mood regulating, helping with migraines/ headaches, getting rid of unwanted emotions/feelings from energy work or just what you pick up in your environment and getting a better night's sleep...who doesn't want that?

What is Protecting?

Protecting is a way of preventing extra unwanted energy from attaching to our bodies' energetic field. No one wants to walk into a room and feel the tense argument that was had the night before! And I know I don't want to feel that hormonal teenager energy that our kids exchange at school or feel the crying baby that is in the grocery store! An Empath or Sensitive Person can take on these emotions as their own and not even realize they do not belong to them!  This practice is also very important  while doing Energy Work!  This includes going on your Ghost walks or Channeling.  Protecting can help BLOCK these things from happening and it is good practice to do this in the morning and evening before bed. 


How do you Protect?

Visually encircling an impenetrable bubble around yourself and repeating/ confirming that you are protected and do not wish to take on other's energy. Energy workers should use this as daily practice until it is a habit! Look at the attached picture and use it as a visual while you read the poem. For EXTRA protection look at the Archangel Michael Protection.

How to use Healing with Protection?

When your roots are connected to Mother Earth, pull up the healing you would like to receive. Such as unconditional love, support, clarity, pain relief, anxiety relief etc. Then as you visually pull the healing energy up through your roots, attach a color such as gold, pink, blue (the one you are drawn to) and have it surround you within your energetic bubble field that you made to protect yourself. Yes it IS that easy! Feel the difference!

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