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Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael Protection

(Visualize yourself, pets and anyone else while stating this! See the windows, doors and border of your home where you want him to guard! The block includes: ghosts, spirits, imprints from any realm.)

Dear Highest Self & Archangel Michael I ask of thee,

Please help me with protection all of three: 


Guard my home,  windows, doors and all that surround,

Only allowing those with high vibrations around.

Block any negativity from seeping in,

Even those that may be of kin.

Allow only those filled with light & love near my heart,

Keeping away any beings filled with dark.

Activate on Past, Present & Future Timelines I have yet to See,

Mote it be!

By the Holy Spirit 3x3!

+1 (704) 769-9876               

*The Sentient Spirit NEVER SOLICITS Readings or Healings!

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