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Sharon McMahon

I am a born LIGHT WORKER & EMPATH  that have always possessed a high level of sensitivity,  intuition and empathy towards people and animals of all kinds.

Currently, I provide Quantum Healing & Light Language Codes to one's soul. I've been practicing Reiki & Energy Healing for over 25  years and teaching Reiki & Energy Healing for more than 20 yrs. I am Certified, Attuned, Practice & Teach over 40 Types of Reiki! 

My background is in Nursing Science, Religion, Bachelors in Psychology (Additional Concentration in Child), and Masters in Education which makes for the well rounded & compassionate approach to my Readings, Healing & Teachings.

I am a SENTIENT SPIRIT, have all the Clair gifts: Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairalience/Clairolfaction and Clairgustance PLUS able to Channel Spirits, Starseeds, Pets and Ghosts. I am able to Telepathically connect with people's past, present and future selves or anyone else on any chosen timeline. Plus, I sign the Universal Light Language to send healing & speak to one's soul.


My gifts were woken up for me to help Humanity, awaken Starseeds and provide Emotional Healing to people and all animals. I am here to guide, teach and heal. I am pleased to answer any questions and help you along on your Path. My life has been full of challenges and the best healing I ever received was making a connection to my mother via Spirit Channeling with a Medium like myself. I couldn't be happier to be able to help others Heal their Emotional wounds, awaken a Starseed's true purpose & give a kick start onto one's Spiritual path in the same manner in which I received !!! 



 Master Teacher, Psychic Medium, Spirit Channeler & ORDM Spiritual Guidance Coach

+1 (704) 769-9876               

*The Sentient Spirit NEVER SOLICITS Readings or Healings!

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