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Crystal Ball

Quantum Energy Healing Course

  We offer an Quantum Energy Healing Course to those who don't really want to learn the art of Reiki. But isn't Reiki, Energy Healing? Well, YES it is...but it is very defined, has specific interactions, symbols and movements. A simplistic Quantum Energy Healing course has been created to help you work with your Higher Self. There are no boundaries here! We use Reiki Attunements to connect you with your Higher Self (leave that to your Master Teacher) and then start practicing right away.

This course is Short, Sweet & Simple!! We've taken the complicated symbols OUT and use our Intuition & Higher Self instead. This course has the Starseeds in mind!! The majority of us are Natural Energy Healers because we are not from here! We are from a much Higher Dimension and when woken up, we remember how to use our natural abilities to heal just like we do when we are  Home! 

We will help you along the way to heal your own Emotional Wounds and show you how to Heal Others! Anyone is capable and we will show you how!

Quantum Energy Healing Course


Reiki Attunements & Chakra Clearing

(Physical, Emotional & Spiritual)*

Light Language Codes for Specific Healing

 Reiju Blessing

Starseed Transmission

 Ascended Masters Attunement**

20 Essences Angels Attunements**

3rd  Eye Activation**

G & P & Practice Sheet

 Chart of the Higher Self & Consciousness 

 How to Clear your Space with Arch Angel Michael 

Chakras Chart Conscious (Front) & Unconscious (Back)

 How to incorporate Crystals, Music & Aromatherapy

 Spirit Channeling Session to Connect to Guides & Speak with Masters

Discussion & Practice:

Discuss & Develop one's own technique of working with Higher Self

Practice on People, Animals & Nature

Find one's own Natural Sentience

 Compare & review differences of other Healing Modalities

Discuss Professional Development

$324 Non-Reiki Practitioners

$224 Add-On Course to Further your Reiki Practice!! 

* See Chakra Clearing/Healing for more info.

** See Add-on Attunements for more info.

Currently only offered Privately or in Group Sessions.

*Courses offered seasonally check back for dates

*Book with Sharon McMahon

+1 (704) 769-9876               

*The Sentient Spirit NEVER SOLICITS Readings or Healings!

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