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Heavenly Sky


Readings are given by an Expert Energy Communicator AKA (Psychic Medium/ Spirit Channeler) who has the ability to speak to any person, animal or being passed or living, in the present, past or future! There are NO LIMITS to whom you may connect!

You may wish to connect to a loved one, family member or friend who has crossed over or maybe you no longer speak to. Have the opportunity to say goodbye, relay a message, receive a message from your future self and  repair a relationship.  Discover who you were in a past life, learn a reoccurring life lesson, scroll through your akashic records or ask about your previous incarnation!  The options are limitless! Readings are the best way to find closure, heal, mend emotional wounds and find karmic ties to this incarnation. These Readings are taken very seriously! They are always confidential, honest and led by the client. ​

Most recently, with what the world is going through today, I am directed to send healing to the client during your Reading. Please specify if you are open to this as it is offered.​

* We will send you a guide to help you make the most out of your Readings just ask!​


*Book w/  Sharon McMahon 

*Book w/ Lupita for Past Life Reading

+1 (704) 769-9876               

*The Sentient Spirit NEVER SOLICITS Readings or Healings!

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