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Physical & Emotional traumas have been experienced by everyone.  Physical trauma may be more easily healed but Emotional trauma that isn't expressed ends up being stored within our bodies. Emotions that have been repressed or suppressed (such as Childhood trauma) continuously cause further emotional and physical ailments. For example, repressed fear is stored in the kidneys, which can cause repetitive UTIs. The Emotions which are trying to surface show up as Anxiety. Together we will pinpoint where the Anxiety is coming from, address it and release it.  Sometimes these ailments are baffling to Medical Professions because there is no explanation for them. 

One way to release the stored trauma is through Holistic Energy Healing encompassing many modalities. This is a program tailored made to suit your personal healing process. Recovery takes a commitment and we will discuss if working together is the proper fit for you. This is a very deep dive into your healing and shadow work!

This process will be discussed during your consultation. This type of Healing can be achieved in person and virtual as there are no limits to where energy can be sent!

Modalities Utilized in Healing Process

REIKI HEALING  Over 40 Types of Reiki Energy Healing will be utilized in your tailor made healing. 

REIKI ATTUNEMENTS Over 40 Types of Attunements are given to open pathways to allow for specific healing. 

QUANTUM HEALING is Energy Healing across all timelines, past lives & dimensions to help Heal Karmic bonds, Trauma since Birth or any other type of wound. Healing energy can be sent anywhere, anytime and to any person.

LIGHT LANGUAGE is the Universal Healing Language everyone's soul speaks. It is not understood by the human ear.  Some Religions call this Speaking in Tongues. 

LIGHT LANGUAGE CODE is very specific Healing sent directly to one's soul for one's very specific needs of healing. It can be sent many ways i.e. via signing, dancing, writing, speaking, art & music. 

HIGHER SELF HEALING is accomplished through communication with your Higher Self (Soul) and brought down to help in your specific healing needs.

ETHEREAL ACUPUNCTURE is the specific placement of concentrated healing energy  used for pain relief.


Depending on the nature of the clearing of chakras and depth of emotional trauma, illness etc., you may experience symptoms such as a runny nose, emptying of toxins through bowels or slight headaches.  The most difficult side effect is the upheaval of past emotions. These emotions are past unresolved emotions that can pop back up to be released. Remember you are safe in the present & these are emotions that were suppressed or repressed during your traumatic events. Thank them for appearing & existing as a sign of something occurring that wasn't safe in the past. You no longer need the warning so again THANK them and let them go!! 

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*The Sentient Spirit NEVER SOLICITS Readings or Healings!

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