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Crystal Ball

Spirit Channeling Course

  We offer Spirit Channeling Courses to those who wish to learn how to connect and speak to The Other Side, Animals and People. It is very likely that you have one or more gifts that can connect you either through Hearing (Clairaudient), Feeling (Clairsentient) or Seeing (Clairvoyance) and together we will discover what your gift(s) are!

Spirit Channeling 101

Reju Blessing

Chakra Clearing & Balancing
Reiki Attunements I, II, III

Light Language Codes Specific to You
Extra Clearing work*
Emotional Clearing of Trauma

Discussion & Practice

Importance of Grounding & Protecting

The importance of Healing own Emotional Trauma

Somatic Exercises & Practice

How one's personal trauma helps channel
Chakras & Study the Balances & why they are necessary for Channeling

How Reiki Attunements are used to help Channel

Spirit Channeling 102


Star Seed Transmission
Ascended Masters Transmission
Angels Transmission

Light Language Codes

Discussion & Practice
Discover your Higher Self
Connecting with Consciousness 
Speaking with your Soul Self & Others' Soul Self

Connecting with each Level of Self through Animals, People and Plants

Spirit Channeling 103

Discussion & Practice

Practice tapping into Animals, People & Angels

Practice Feeling, Hearing, Seeing and Speaking
Try telecommunication with Animals & People
Practice the tapping into different levels of The Self, Past & Future
More discussion & exploration of new gifts

* FaceTime, Phone, In Person* Privately or in Group*

* The duration of this course depends on how much clearing is needed & the amount of practice time it takes for you to feel confident. We practice together one on one & in group setting*

*These courses can be altered & tailored made to fit the client's needs. If you have questions about this...Just Contact Us and ASK!! 

 Spirit Channeling Course 101  $645

 Spirit Channeling Course 102  $745

  Spirit Channeling Course 103  $845


*Total package $2,235 

*Courses offered seasonally check back for dates


*Book with Sharon McMahon

+1 (704) 769-9876               

*The Sentient Spirit NEVER SOLICITS Readings or Healings!

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