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Welcoming Protection & Abundance

What is The Sentient Spirit?


Sentient Spirit means a Finely Tuned Sensitive Being in Perception, Knowledge & Feelings! Like Empaths, they possess Consciousness & have the power to Feel & Perceive through Emotions. They both Feel Deeply but a Sentient Spirit has a Greater, Impactful Understanding to the Emotions and Energy that is being received through all Senses (Claires).

Such Grand Understanding and Empathy is a form of Communication between the Energy of souls. This type of Communicator may be called a Spirit Channeler  (similar to Psychic Medium) who has the ability to communicate with Passed Loved Ones, Spirits, Star seeds, Ghosts & Animals.

A Finely Tuned Sentient Spirit possesses all means of Communication via: Emotions/FEELINGS, called (Clairsentience), Visions/SEEING (Clairvoyance), Sounds/HEARS (Clairaudience), Taste (Clairgustance) and Smell (Clairolfaction/Clairalience).​

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*The Sentient Spirit NEVER SOLICITS Readings or Healings!

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